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How To Benefit From Essential Oils With Aromatherapy Jewelry

Discover how aromatherapy jewelry allows you to enjoy your oils, how to select the right jewelry, and much more.


(DIGITAL)The Essential Oils Quickstart Training

Our digital "Quickstart Training" is 74-minute, comprehensive overview for the new and beginning essential oil user as well as anyone with questions about whether what they've learned from friends is true or not.

Do It Yourself Holiday Craft & Gift Guide With Essential Oils

Give the gift of aromatic handmade gifts this year. this features 17+ step-by-step recipes from bath salts to reed diffusers to holiday centerpieces and more.

How To Make Your Own Aromatherapy Inhaler

Discover how to make your own nasal inhalers! Whether you're feeling down, a little under the weather, or just want a quick "pick me up," these inhalers give you a boost when you need it most.

Spice Up Your Love Life

Tap into the intimate powers of aromatherapy... Find out how the right essential oils can bring you closer, set the mood, and deliver those toe-curling moments over and over again...

25 Natural Healing Diffuser Blends To Keep You Feeling Great

Just follow these jealously guarded recipes, and you'll have your own powerfully uplifting essential oil blends. Boost your mood, energize your spirit, and sharpen your mind.

50 Tantalizing Aromatherapy Diffuser Blends

These enchanting diffuser blends make your house feel magical, bright, and inviting. With blends for every season, you'll enjoy the variety orf fifty of our favorite air purifying blends.

Alchemy Bundle Digital Training Package

Discover the secrets of Essential Oil Alchemists... Over 75 recipes for blends, diffuser recipes, dilution charts, and more! Not for the faint of heart. Take your essential oil practice beyond 'ordinary' and discover the real magic of these precious oils...

Freshen Up Your Laundry With Essential Oils & Wool Dryer Balls

Discover why Wool Dryer Balls are a better alternative than chemical-laden dryer sheets; The 4 key benefits of using wool dryer balls and essential oils; The BEST Essential Oils to use with your Wool Dryer Balls; The recipe for our best-selling “Instant Essentials Dryer Ball Blend!” that will help eliminate soap residue and much more...

The Essential Oil Guide To Steam Inhalation

Tips, Tricks & Tools On How To Safely and Effectively Use Steam Inhalation (and who should NOT use essential oil steam inhalation); The Top 3 Essential Oil Steam Inhalation Mistakes essential oil lovers make; 7 Essential Oils that are GREAT to use with this steam inhalation method; and much, much more...


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